Helping to make local food and drink easier to find, whether dining out or preparing at home

This event was held in March 2014 and 2015

The events showcased quality food and drink from within 35 miles of Bradford on Avon.  The exhibitors were the people who grew, reared and made the goods.


to sponsors also had enough faith in the project to give their support in both years and the producers our Crowd funder pledgers and reward donors in 2015.

to all who helped promote, organise and manage the events

to Wiltshire Council in 2015 for helping to make this project a success with a grant from the Area Board. 

ALL public leaflet final 2015 is a downloadable reference document of exhibitors with web sites.  Food and drink outlets may request an electronic version of the handbook which contains more details about the producer/exhibitors.

The event was run as a community initiative on a not-for-profit basis.

Feedback from buyers:
  • excellent range of quality goods on offer
  • we really enjoyed being able to taste the products
  • it was great to be able to talk to producers – even if we already use the company, as this is often not the person we deal with
  • we appreciated being able to take our time, to learn more about the goods and the production
  • more of this type of event please
What producers got from the events:
“Saves time searching out and contacting potential buyers”
“buyers were appropriate to their business; of a good calibre
“genuinely looking for new products and suppliers”
“it was a great opportunity to network with other producers – to swap stories and tips, even share solutions”
“as a small business the pre-show seminars made us feel supported – often missing for small producers”

For more information, email 07791 798423